Valley Stream Cosmetic Dentist

Valley Stream Cosmetic Dentist

Tooth Repair in Valley Stream

When you have one or more missing teeth, dental implants represent the state-of-the-art when it comes to replacing them. They have many advantages over older options such as bridges and dentures. There is no messy adhesive to use, your other teeth are not affected by the placement of implants, and both your tooth and the root beneath are restored, giving you not only a stronger and more reliable new tooth, but one that preserves your natural facial contours and prevents your vital gum and bone tissue form atrophying. Here at Contemporary Dental Implant Centre, we want all of our valued patients to enjoy the benefits of having an implant, but what if your jaw bone is not up to the job of holding in the implant post? That’s when our Valley Stream dentist can do a bone grafting procedure for you.



Valley Stream Cosmetic Dentist

The very first step in getting a dental implant is to have a titanium post, the part that replaces the root, placed surgically into your jaw. Under normal circumstances, your jaw bone will grow around the post over several months, eventually fusing with it. But if your jaw bone isn’t strong and thick enough to support the post, you don’t have to give up on getting an implant. Bone grafting done by our Valley Stream dentist is an excellent method for correcting the insufficiencies in your jaw.


Here’s how it works: bone tissue is harvested from elsewhere in your body or from donor bank. It is then transplanted into your jaw bone. There is a waiting period as the transplanted bone grows new bone around it- stronger and thicker bone- which will permit our Valley Stream dentist to move forward with your dental implant procedure. It can take up to nine months for this to happen, although in many cases the wait is much shorter. Your implant will be just as strong and reliable as one put in without bone grafting.


There’s no reason to settle for less than what a dental implant can provide. It looks, feels, and acts just like a natural tooth. In some ways, it is superior. It will never be subject to cavities, infections, root canal therapy, or an extraction. Call us now and book an appointment with our Valley Stream dentist to get started.


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