Upper West Side Replace Missing Teeth

Upper West Side Replace Missing Teeth

Replace Missing Teeth on the Upper West Side

If you have missing teeth, it is important that they are replaced. At our practice, Contemporary Dental Implant Centre, we offer our patients a variety of tooth replacement options to replace missing teeth on the Upper West Side; just one of our expert cosmetic and implant dentists is Dr. Barry Hertzl Habib.

Depending on your individual situation, one specific tooth replacement method may work better for you than another. Our dentist will need to evaluate your situation so that he can discuss with you the best way to replace missing teeth on the Upper West Side. The best tooth replacement solution for you will depend on your dental situation, as well as your personal needs, preferences, and budget. You can be sure that we will offer you the very best tooth replacement option and that you will be extremely happy with your new replacement teeth. If you have been told that you are not a good candidate for getting dental implants, we offer bone grafting procedures which will strengthen and improve the health of your jawbone. Many patients are turned down for dental implants due to the fact that their jawbone is not healthy enough, and a bone graft for your jawbone should solve this problem. 

We also offer sinus lift procedures to strengthen the upper jaw. Patients at our practice can have teeth replaced with regular dental implants or mini implants. Mini implants are a good treatment choice in some cases when patients are not able to receive regular dental implants due to a particular dental or medical health issue. Patients can get dental implants to replace individual teeth, or to secure dentures or bridges. At our dental implant practice we also offer Same Day Teeth, for patients who are good candidates for the procedure. This treatment allows patients to have all implant surgery, and receive their new teeth in a single day! Today there are many different treatment options available that use dental implants in one way or another.

For an appointment to see our dentist to replace missing teeth on the Upper West Side, contact us today.


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