Tooth Loss in Stratford

Tooth Loss in Stratford

Tooth Loss in 06614


Tooth Loss in Stratford

If you have tooth loss in Stratford, you’ll be very pleased with the possibilities that we offer here at Contemporary Dental Implant Centre. Implant technology continues to advance, and we’re on the cutting edge of it. Whether you decide on traditional dental implants, mini implants, or same day teeth, you can feel confident in the abilities of our cosmetic dentist to place them for you. This is our business. We do over 2,000 implant procedures every year and that level of experience benefits you, our valued patient. A dental implant looks, feels, and even functions just like a natural tooth does.

Are you a good candidate for dental implants? Well, if you have tooth loss in Stratford and your gums are in generally good health, the answer is probably yes. Our cosmetic dentist will do an examination and consultation in order to make sure, including testing your jaw bone to ensure that it is strong and thick enough to support the implant. If it isn’t, there are two choices that will still allow you to enjoy the advantages of an implant. You can either have bone grafting surgery to augment your jaw bone or possibly select mini implants (more on that later). Getting a traditional implant begins with a titanium post that is surgically placed in your jaw. Over several months, your bone tissue grows around it and fuses with the post. A healing color is then added, followed by a tooth-colored crown to complete the implant.

Thinner mini implants are based on smaller posts that don’t require any cutting or stitching. This means a quicker process and lower cost. Your dental implants for tooth loss in Stratford will be just as sturdy and long-lasting as traditional implants, provided you qualify to get them. This can be determined as part of your initial exam and consult.

As for same day teeth, it’s exactly what it sounds like: traditional dental implants that are placed, post and crown complete, all in one day, without any waiting involved. Which of these teeth replacement options is right for your tooth loss in Stratford? Call us and schedule an appointment to find out.


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