Dr. F. Pastor

Dr. F. Pastor

For Inquisitive, Evidence-Based Minds.
A. I have been a most grateful patient of Dr. Barry Hertzl Habib AND Dr. Dale D. Goldschag for many years, even though I must travel roundtrip from Southern NJ 4 hours for each dental consultation.

B. Succinctly: many years ago I consulted with 5 dental professionals (i.e., 1 general practitioner; 3 periodontists; 1 oral surgeon) in NJ. Each in turn emphasized the urgency of me having dental implants (by each one) so as not to compromise the integrity of my jaw bone and for cosmetically driven reasons.

C. As an evidence-based clinician I decided to contact the Buffalo NY School of Dentistry to consult with a professor who teaches dental implant procedures. After I described my condition in “layman’s terms” he replied with great specificity in his analysis, and with his recommendation that I could probably wait at least 2-1/2 to 3 years before having the implant procedure.

D. I learned about Dr. Goldschag’s reputation as a luminary among his dental colleagues, went for my first consultation, and was ASTONISHED to hear him make the same recommendations as the dental professor! I had not told him of that previous telephonic consultation, nor what the other 5 dentists in NJ had recommended.
Inevitable Conclusion: Dr. Goldschlag is driven by ethical imperatives in his refined practice of dentistry. Without honesty and personal integrity informing the care of one’s patients–a sacred duty in our time–what value is the work of a dentist to his/her patient?

E. I had my most recent treatment yesterday by Dr. Goldschlag and another dental luminary, Dr. Barry Hertzl Habib (prosthodontist), after not being at their office for a few years. Dr. Habib combines excellent appropriate humor to distract a patient during a procedure. His “happy go lucky” demeanor is in sharp telling contrast to the outstanding restorative work he does. Over the years I have had two general dentists in NJ marveling at the results of Dr. Habibs precision and cosmetic outcomes. They have studied X-rays as well as visually examined me.

F. Finally, if your your dental health is a top priority in your life, then I can recommend without any reservations whatsoever, this practice of dentistry. Parenthetically, their dental assisting staff are each friendly, welcoming, efficient and make one feel as if one is making a visit to a surrogate family!
F. Pastor, DSW, LCSW, LLC