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Smithtown Dental Implants

Tooth Implants in Smithtown


Dental Implants in Smithtown

Dental implants are the most popular and state-of-the-art of all dental restorations that are on the market today. Most people can take advantage of what they have to offer, but there is an obstacle that can get in the way. If your jaw bone is not strong or thick enough to support the implant post, you would have to typically look into getting bone grafting done. But if you have multiple teeth that you need to replace, regardless of whether your jawbone is considered to be qualified to accept a typical implant, we at Contemporary Dental Implant Centre can fit you for mini dental implants. You will get all of the same benefits that are associated with any other type of our Smithtown dental implants, but they can be put in without the same strict requirement for jaw density. It is the goal of our cosmetic dentist to offer you the most effective, safe, and easy way to give you back your complete smile.

Mini implants are not suitable for replacing only a single tooth. They are designed to address multiple teeth that would be placed consecutively. It is not uncommon when several teeth have been lost for the sockets where the teeth used to be to become eroded. If there was gum disease present, bone tissue may also have been lost as part of the process. Because of the unique nature of mini implants, our Smithtown dental implants can be placed even under such circumstances, and without the need for time-consuming bone grafting.

Much like standard dental implants, mini implants use posts that are made of titanium. They are also placed in your jaw, but can be done without the cutting that is done with our larger Smithtown dental implants. The pluses here include not need for stitches, reducing healing time, and fewer visits back to our office. Your mini implants can be placed much more quickly, too. The result is a full set of teeth with a simpler process. If this sounds like it’s right for you, call us today and schedule an exam and consultation where our cosmetic dentist will determine if you qualify to get mini implants.


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