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Scarsdale Dental Office

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Here at the office of Contemporary Dental Implant Centre, we aren’t just experts in the placement of full-tooth restorations that look, feel, and perform like real teeth. In addition, we have several options to suit your needs and preferences. We’re the implants specialists. Count on us when you have missing teeth you would like to replace.

Standard implants have been around for about half a century, but when you compare the ones that were first used to the ones our Scarsdale dental office offers today, you can see that there have been startling advancements in the technology over the years. Back then, only the most wealthy could afford dental implants. That’s not true today. And with our three step process, the success rate is very high, with well over 90% of them providing long term use. First, our cosmetic dentist surgically places a titanium post in your jaw. It serves as a root for the tooth, which comes later. Your jaw bone grows around and fuses with the post. A small healing collar and anchor is then added to help stabilize the tooth. You will then have a tooth-colored crown, made from impressions taken at our Scarsdale dental office, cemented to the top of the post. Mini implants are easier to put in, without the involved surgery and any associated discomfort, while being ideal for the placement of dentures, giving you the best aspects of both the implant and denture solution. And same day teeth eliminate the waiting period for your jaw tissue to fuse with the post. Get a complete implant in a single session. Nothing could be easier.

Set up a consultation at our Scarsdale dental office. Determine which of our outstanding implant options is the best one for you, and let’s get started on filling that empty space where you used to have a tooth.

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