Same Day Teeth Massapequa Park

Same Day Teeth Massapequa Park

Massapequa Park Same Day Teeth

There was a time not all that long ago when your options for replacing teeth were few. While implants have been around for half a century or so, it was a while before they were affordable for everyone. Bridges and dentures were fine for filling the empty space, but came with some less than ideal drawbacks. That is still true of them today. But at Contemporary Dental Implant Centre, we don’t just offer dental implants. We have mini implants and even our same day teeth in Massapequa Park. If you are a good candidate, gone are the waiting periods. Say hello to instant gratification for full-tooth restorations.

Sour same day teeth in Massapequa Park are constructed like traditional implants are. There’s a titanium post that is placed in your jaw, and which acts like a root. There is an abutment added to the post that provides additional stability. And there is a tooth-colored crown that is made from impressions taken here. This is the part that you and everyone else will see, and which will chew your food. It is cemented to the post and held in securely with the abutment. Mini implants are not mini teeth, but rather mini posts that do not require the same surgical procedure as traditional implants do. They are ideal for using as the foundation for a full set of dentures that don’t require messy adhesives and have a level of dependability equaling implants with the ease of dentures, for the best of both worlds. Our same day teeth in Massapequa Park come as advertised. If you are eligible, you will show up needing one or more teeth, and leave later that day with the completed implant or implants.

Why not contact us right now and set up your appointment to come in and determine if you’re a good candidate for same day teeth?

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