Same Day Dentist on Madison Avenue

Same Day Dentist on Madison Avenue

Madison Ave Dentist

If you need to have your teeth replaced, you may be very interested in our procedure, Same Day Teeth, which is offered at our practice, Contemporary Dental Implant Centre. Same Day Teeth is a very convenient way to have missing teeth replaced, and is expertly provided by many of our cosmetic dentists, including our Same Day dentist on Madison Avenue, Dr. Dale Goldschlag.


Same Day Dentist on Madison Avenue

Same Day Teeth is an innovative procedure which allows many patients to receive teeth the very same day that they receive their dental implants. If you are interested in this procedure to replace your missing teeth, you will want to make an appointment to be evaluated by our Same Day dentist on Madison Avenue. During this exciting dental treatment, our patient will receive either five or six dental implants, and a new full set of replacement teeth, per arch, in just one office visit. Patients enjoy the many benefits of this procedure including the fast way in which dentures can be replaced with permanent dental implants and non-removable replacement teeth. This dental procedure has an extremely high success rate of over 99% for our dental implants.

This treatment will be able to replace a full arch of upper and/or lower teeth. This procedure will not only save you time, but it will also save you money, as well. Our dentist will determine which the best and precise place is where the dental implants should be placed. On the day of surgery, the new implants will be inserted into your jawbone; any teeth that need to be extracted will be removed, and your new teeth will be permanently attached to the dental implants. You will leave our practice with your beautiful new smile, which will allow you to once again eat, smile, and speak in total comfort and confidence.

If you would like to see if you are a good candidate for this procedure, you will want to meet with our Same Day dentist on Madison Avenue for a consultation. We hope you will contact our office today regarding this exciting tooth replacement procedure.


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