Massapequa Park Missing Teeth

Massapequa Park Missing Teeth

Missing Teeth in Massapequa Park

Are you happy with missing teeth? We’re guessing that you’re not, and here at Contemporary Dental Implant Centre, our specialty is to help you with teeth replacement options that are highly effective and that represent the state-of-the-art in full tooth restorations. Our choices include standard dental implants, mini implants and same day teeth.


Massapequa Park Missing Teeth

Dental implants have been around for a while, but it is very important to have the work done by an expert with the experience to do it properly. Our Massapequa Park dental office does these procedures every day so you can be confident in your results. Standard implants are done in three steps. First, a titanium post is surgically placed in your jaw. Over a few months, your jaw bone grows around the post and fuses with it. A small healing collar is added, which also serves to secure the tooth portion, the third stage in which it is cemented to the post. Your new tooth replacement looks and feels just like a natural tooth. You can chew, even the hardest foods, without any concern. Speak, laugh, and smile naturally.

You can even brush the implant and floss between it and your other teeth. Mini implants refer to the posts, not the teeth, which are full size. The benefit of mini implants is that the surgical procedure to place them is less invasive and produces less discomfort. And same day teeth are an extremely exciting prospect. You walk in needing teeth and you walk out later that day with the posts and the new teeth placed. No waiting involved. Not everyone will be a good candidate for mini implants or same day teeth, but our Massapequa Park dental office will determine that for you, if you are considering either option.

A consultation and examination will be all that’s required to find out if dental implants are the right direction for you to go. Just call our Massapequa Park dental office to schedule an appointment.


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