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Losing teeth is something that many people experience, and for different reasons as well. There are many things that can affect the overall health and foundation of a tooth. In some cases the tooth becomes subject to decay or disease and falls out in the process whereas in other situations the condition is at least caught early on enough that these teen can be removed in order to prevent further spreading of the condition at hand. At any case, it is imperative that such teeth are replaced if you wish to restore your dental health. In some instances however, your dental health may not be able to support implants or other dental prostheses. If this is the case then you may need to consider bone grafting. Here at our Massapequa Park dental office, Contemporary Dental Implant Centre, we can help provide you with the procedure you will need in order to fully restore your dental health.

L10389322_losing teeth is one thing, but losing bone mass in your mouth can be especially problematic as well. If your jaw bone is not able to support the teeth that you still have then it will surely not be able to support any artificial teeth that you need in order to restore your bite. Replacing missing teeth is more than a matter of bringing your overall appearance back to the way it used to look. In order to avoid further damage to your dental health and in order to avoid further dental trauma, it is important that your jaw is as healthy as your new smile. Bone mass is mostly important for people who have lost a significant amount of bone mass or for people who have weakened jaws because of past instances of decay and disease. Bone grafting is necessary for such people in the event that they wish to have dental implants our in place but it may also help support other prosthetic appliances such as traditional dentures as well.

Here at our Massapequa Park dental office, Contemporary Dental Implant Centre, our cosmetic dentist can determine whether or not you need those procedure before moving forward. This procedure generally involves fostering and encouraging bone regrowth and strengthening through the application of bone tissue from yourself or from a donated source. This process is thoroughly and closely monitored by our cosmetic dentist every step of the way until your jaw and mouth are healthy again.

Your dental health is important and it is absolutely essential that it is taken care of in the event of decay, disease or even injury. Procedures like bone grafting can also help with bone mass regeneration after an injury, which is what the procedure is mainly used for in other areas of the body, but essentially is used to help improve your overall dental health and strength. If you have any debts health problems or know that you need any particular work done, then please feel free to call us here at Contemporary Dental Implant Centre and schedule an appointment with our cosmetic dentist here at our Massapequa Park dental office today.


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