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Lincoln Center Dentist

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Today, many people feel that getting dental implants is the best way to have their missing teeth restored. If you would like to learn if you are a good candidate for dental implants, visit our several Lincoln Center dentists, just one of whom is Dr. Barry Hertzl Habib.


Lincoln Center Dentist

At our Contemporary Dental Implant Centre, our dentist will meet with you to see whether or not dental implants will work well for you. Our dentist will first assess your jawbone to make sure it is thick enough and healthy enough for the procedure. If it is determined that your jawbone is not healthy enough, you may be able to get a bone grafting procedure from our Lincoln Center dentist which will make your jawbone thick enough and healthy enough to firmly hold a dental implant. Once it is determined that you are a good candidate for dental implants, our dentist will surgically insert a dental implant root for each tooth that is going to be replaced. Our practice also offers dental implants to hold partial and full dentures.

If you are having single teeth replaced with dental implants, there will be a post-surgery waiting period of several months during which time your jawbone will fully heal, and the dental implant root, or implant roots, will firmly fuse to the jawbone. Once it is determined that the healing has completed, our dentist will have a porcelain crown created just for you. The crown will beautifully color-match your adjacent teeth so no one will know that you have it in your mouth. The porcelain crown will them be permanently attached to the top portion of the dental implant. At this point your dental implant will be complete. You will be able to eat anything you want in total comfort, without fear that the dental implants will slip or embarrass you in any manner. And, when well taken care of with regular brushing and flossing, and periodic dental cleanings, they should last you for a lifetime.

For an appointment to meet with our Lincoln Center dentist regarding getting dental implants, contact us today.


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