Implants Dentist in Massapequa Park

Implants Dentist in Massapequa Park

Implant Dentists in 11762

Our implants dentist in Massapequa Park is proud to offer you not just one, but several options when it comes implants. Here at Contemporary Dental Implant Centre, you can get standard dental implants, min implants, and same day teeth. All are done with expert precision. This is what we do, all day, every day, over 2,000 times every year. You can depend on us and our record of success to restore your full smile.


Implants Dentist in Massapequa Park

It all begins with a consultation and examination. This will allow our implants dentist in Massapequa Park to make certain that you are a good candidate for implants, and to see which ones might apply to you. Our evaluation includes checking to see that your gums are generally healthy and that your jaw bone is thick and strong enough to support the implant post. But even if it’s not, thanks to advanced bone grafting, you can still reap the benefits of an implant.

There are three steps that our implants dentist in Massapequa Park will complete in the process of replacing your missing teeth. First, a titanium post is placed in your jaw, after which your bone tissue grows around it over a few months. Eventually, it fuses with the post and you have a strong and durable bond. A small healing collar is then added, and then finally the dental implant crown, the tooth portion of the implant is put on top.

With mini implants, which are actually full-size replacement teeth, you can avoid the surgical part of the procedure, and you will have little or even no discomfort at all. Not everyone will qualify to have mini implants, but as part of the initial evaluation, our implants dentist in Massapequa Park can determine if you do, should you want to consider that option. And the most expedient and simple implant choice of all is what we call same day teeth. This is where your dental implant crown is placed and cemented on top of the post on the very same day that the post is surgically inserted into your jaw. No more waiting period. Again, not everyone will be able to take advantage of this choice, but you can find out by calling us and booking an appointment. No matter what, implants are something that nearly everyone can get, in one form or another.


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