Implant Dentist in Valley Stream

Implant Dentist in Valley Stream

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Our implant dentist in Valley Stream is pleased to offer you not just one, but several options, when it comes to teeth replacement. Implant technology created the original dental implants, but here at Contemporary Dental Implant Centre, we don’t stop learning and we continue to take advantage of the most recent advancements. So, while traditional dental implants might be perfect for you, we also provide two other choices: mini implants and same day death. While these variations are not necessarily right for everyone, we’ll go through the pros and cons to help you to determine the proper selection for your unique circumstances.


Implant Dentist in Valley Stream

If your gums are in basically good health and your jaw bone is strong and thick, you are probably a good candidate for implants. Our implant dentist in Valley Stream will conduct the necessary tests to make certain, of course. With traditional implants, the first step is to have a titanium post surgically placed in your jaw. Over several months, your jaw bone grows around and fuses with the post, creating a reliable bond that will last. A small healing collar is then added. Finally, one or more tooth-colored crowns will be cemented to the top of the post to complete the process.

Why choose mini implants? First, let us assure you that the replacement teeth themselves are not mini. They are full sized. It’s the posts that are smaller, and they don’t require any cutting or stitching. This speeds things up and lowers the overall cost. Best of all, the result is replacement teeth that are just as sturdy and long-lasting as any other dental implant. This may also be a good option if your jaw bone turns out to be insufficiently thick and strong to support the post for a traditional implant. Our implant dentist in Valley Stream can determine if you qualify for mini implants.

And same day teeth allow you to get a complete replacement tooth, post and crown, all in one session, instead of having to wait for a few months as you would with traditional implants. It may sound too good to be true, but our implant dentist in Valley Stream performs this procedure frequently. Is it the ideal choice for you? Call us to schedule an appointment to find out.


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