Implant Dentist in Brooklyn

Implant Dentist in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Implant Dentist

If you have one or more missing teeth, you may feel self-conscious about smiling or even talking because of it. In addition, those lost teeth can allow your others to shift, causing discomfort and maybe throwing your jaws out of their proper alignment. Here at Contemporary Dental Implant Centre, we have the solution for you. In fact, we have three possible solutions: traditional dental implants, mini implants, and same day teeth. Our implant dentist in Brooklyn will inspire your total confidence. Our office does over 2,000 implant procedures per year, so you know that our experience and expertise will result in a replacement tooth (or teeth) that you can count on.

Traditional dental implants are done in three stages. First, a cylindrical titanium post is surgically placed in your jaw by our implant dentist in Brooklyn, at the point where the tooth used to be. There is a wait of a few months after, during which your jaw bone will be growing around the post, and eventually fusing with it. A small healing collar is added as the second step. And the final part of the process is one or more tooth-colored crowns being created as the surface portion of the dental implant. The titanium post replaces your old tooth’s root, mimicking the structure of a natural tooth. This gives you a reliable new tooth, prevents gum and bone tissue from atrophying, and even preserves your normal facial contours. 10377682_m

Thinner mini implants use smaller posts, and therefore don’t require any cutting or stitching. Not only does this mean that the entire job is done more quickly, but it typically also results in a lower cost for you. These implants are just as durable and strong as their traditional counterparts. Not everyone is a good candidate for them, though, but our implant dentist in Brooklyn will discuss with you whether you qualify.

If the idea of coming in for dental implants and leaving at the end of the session with them fully completed appeals to you, then you should ask our implant dentist in Brooklyn about same day teeth. Again, this won’t necessarily be for everyone, but the advantages of same day teeth are obvious, and for those who are impatient to see results, it might be the perfect choice.


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