Forest Hills Dental Implants

Forest Hills Dental Implants

Tooth Repair in Forest Hills


Forest Hills Dental Implants

Our Forest Hills dental implants offer you a variety of possibilities when it comes to replacing one or more missing teeth. You can depend on our experts at Contemporary Dental Implant Centre when you need to fill that empty space where a tooth used to be. Among the choices that you have at our dental office are traditional dental implants, mini implants, and same day teeth. You can rest assured that this is what we do, all day, every day. And it’s exactly that experience that has made us successful.

Traditional implants consist of a titanium post that is surgically placed into your jaw, at the spot where your tooth used to be. This post replaces your root, providing a stable foundation for your implant. If your jaw bone is not thick and strong enough to support the post, a bone grafting procedure can be done to correct the problem. Or you may opt to consider mini implants (more on that later). Over several months, your jaw bone grows around the post, fusing with it, and creating a durable bond. A small healing collar, or anchor, will later be placed as a support for the replacement tooth. The final step is for a dental implant crown to be fitted to the top of the post and then cemented permanently. The entire process of getting our Forest Hills dental implants takes about six to eight months, and there is little if any disruption to your normal routine.

With mini implants, you get not mini teeth, but mini posts. The advantage is that no cutting or stitching is required, and mini implants can be ideal if you don’t want to undergo bone grafting in order to get traditional implants. There is typically lest cost involved, also. Not everyone will be a good candidate for them, but it is a valuable option among our Forest Hills dental implants.

And if you don’t like to wait, you might want to look into same day teeth. These are our traditional Forest Hills dental implants, except without the delay between placing the post and getting your crown fastened. Instead, you walk out that very day with a new replacement tooth.


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