Dentist in East Massapequa

Dentist in East Massapequa

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Did you know that all dental implants are not identical? Well, they all look the same when they’re completed, of course: just like natural teeth. But there are different types and methods, with each designed to meet your specific preferences and needs. Here at Contemporary Dental Implant Centre, our East Massapequa dentist will discuss the three types we offer and the pros and cons as they relate to you.


Dentist in East Massapequa

Standard dental implants are done in two basic stages. First is the surgical placement of the titanium post into your jaw. This post acts as a replacement for your tooth root. Dentures and bridges don’t offer this. They simply put a cosmetic tooth replacement on the top of your gums. You might be thinking, well sure. Who needs what I can’t see? As important as the aesthetic benefits are, don’t you also want to be able to chew your food with total confidence, and to speak and laugh without any self-consciousness about your teeth moving around on you or someone being aware that you sound “different?” That’s a big plus that our East Massapequa dentist can provide with implants.

Over several months, your jaw bone will grow around the post and fuse with it. You then have a dependable and strong foundation for the second stage. A tooth-colored crown is placed on the post and cemented to it. The result is a tooth that looks, feels, and acts like any of your others. You may even end up forgetting that it’s not one your real teeth. And our East Massapequa dentist can assure you that your implant will last for a long time, possibly even for life with the right care.

The other two implant options that we have are mini dental implants and same day teeth. The mini refers to the posts, not the teeth themselves, which are normal sized. When you have multiple consecutive teeth missing, these mini implants can be placed without any surgical cutting. This streamlines the process and makes it quicker, though no less safe, reliable, and effective. Likewise, same day teeth can have you walking into our office without teeth and walking out later with the posts and crowns completed in just a single session by our East Massapequa dentist.


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