Dental Office on Madison Avenue

Dental Office on Madison Avenue

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When you have missing teeth, you might feel self-conscious about how you look. Even if it isn’t a front tooth, just knowing it’s not there can bother you. There are practical reasons why you should consult with our dental office on Madison Avenue about getting dental implants, too. The lack of one or more teeth can result in the others on that jaw shifting, leading to discomfort and misaligned jaws. If you are missing a back tooth, your chewing can become more difficult, creating digestive challenges. Fortunately, we here at Contemporary Dental Implant Centre have the ideal solution for you.


Dental Office on Madison Avenue

More traditional tooth replacements, like a bridge or dentures, do a fine job, but have their drawbacks. A bridge requires that the tooth on either side be drilled down and capped so that an anchor can be placed to hold the bridge in place. Dentures are held in with adhesive that can be messy and not always reliable. But when you decide on dental implants, your surrounding teeth are unaffected and no adhesive is required. In fact, our dental office on Madison Avenue is pleased to tell you that an implant replaces not just the tooth on the surface, but also the root underneath.

First, a cylindrical post made from titanium is placed surgically in your jaw. This is the root replacement. Over the course of a few months, your jaw bone grows around the post and fuses with it. In the meantime, you can wear a temporary denture. The next step is to have a small healing collar placed at our dental office on Madison Avenue. Impressions will then be taken in order to have a tooth-colored crown, the tooth part of your implant, made. This will be cemented to the top of the post. The outcome is a strong and durable new tooth; one that looks and feels like a natural one. It even acts like one, letting you chew and laugh and speak with 100% confidence.

With proper care, a dental implant can last a lifetime. You’ll never have to worry about it getting a cavity, needing root canal or an extraction. By now, you must be thinking that there are a lot of great reasons to consider one. So why not call our dental office on Madison Avenue and schedule a consultation to see if you’re a good candidate for one?


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