Dental Implants in Scarsdale

Dental Implants in Scarsdale

Dental Implants in 10583

Missing teeth can be unsightly, and also cause you to feel self-conscious about smiling or showing your teeth at all. In addition, your other teeth can shift, leading to discomfort and a misaligned occlusion (bite). At Contemporary Dental Implant Centre, we can help you. Our Scarsdale dental implants are miles ahead of bridges and dentures, the more traditional options in replacing teeth. You can enjoy the confidence of having a complete smile once again, with prosthetic teeth that look, feel, and function so much like your real ones that even you might forget which is which. You can replace one or even multiple teeth; even an entire jaw where implants serve as a base for dentures that gives you all the advantages of implants but without having to fashion each tooth individually.

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Dental Implants in Scarsdale

Why are our Scarsdale dental implants such a great choice? A fixed bridge requires the loss of material from neighboring teeth in order to properly place the anchor that helps hold the bridge in place. Partial removable dentures require the use of messy and not always reliable dental adhesive at the gum line. But with implants, your other teeth remain unaffected and you need not use any adhesives. You can depend on them 100%. Smile, talk, chew even the toughest foods. No problem.

The process of getting our Scarsdale dental implants begins with an examination and consultation to make certain you are a good candidate for them. The procedure itself involves three stages. First, a titanium post is placed surgically into your jaw, where it replaces the root from the real tooth that you lost. This is another way that implants stand out, as bridges and dentures only put a replacement tooth on the surface, with no root to act as a foundation.

Over several months, your jaw bone will grow around the post and fuse with it. After that, a small healing collar will be placed, which also assists in holding in the tooth portion. The third stage is the fashioning of the tooth-colored crown that will be put on the post and then cemented for permanence. With proper care, there is every reason to think that our Scarsdale dental implants can last you for a lifetime.


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