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Today, many patients are told that they are not a good candidate for getting dental implants. If this has happened with you, visit us at our Contemporary Dental Implant Centre where our Brooklyn dentist may be able to perform an easy procedure which will turn you into a great candidate for dental implants.


Brooklyn Dentist

In order to be a good candidate for dental implants, it is important that your jawbone is healthy enough and thick enough to withstand the dental implant surgery, and to act as a secure base that the titanium dental implant root can firmly fuse to. If your jawbone is not healthy, or not thick enough, the dental implant root will not be able to completely fuse to the jawbone, and will not be a steady base for the dental implant crown. However, today, it is generally easy for our Brooklyn dentist to help many previously unqualified patients turn into excellent candidates for getting dental implants. This is done by providing the patient with a bone grafting procedure for their jawbone. This is now a common procedure which is performed on patients’ jawbones who want to get dental implants. The bone grafting procedure is performed at our office. It will help the jawbone to grow more bone, thus allowing it to become thicker and healthier.

Once this has occurred, it is very likely that you will then be a great candidate for getting dental implants. When it is determined that your jawbone is healthy enough for the procedure, our expert implant dentist will surgically insert titanium dental implant roots into your jawbone – one for each tooth that is going to be replaced. When the dental implant roots have fully fused to the jawbone and the jawbone has fully healed, our dentist will provide you with beautiful porcelain crowns which color-match the adjacent teeth, and which will be permanently attached to their corresponding implant root. You will now have strong and secure complete dental implants.

To meet with our Brooklyn dentist regarding getting a bone grafting treatment system so you too can get dental implants, contact us today.


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