Best Dentist in Valley Stream

Best Dentist in Valley Stream

Valley Stream Best Dentist

If you have missing teeth that need to be replaced, we urge you to visit us at Contemporary Dental Implant Centre. At our dental implant center our cosmetic dentists, just one of whom is Dr. Barry Hertzl Habib, can provide you with beautiful and fully functional dental implants. Our best dentist in Valley Stream can also provide you with bone grafting if you need this procedure in order to be a good candidate for dental implants.


Best Dentist in Valley Stream

When a patient’s jawbone is not thick enough or healthy enough, he or she may be told that they are not a good candidate for getting dental implants. This is because the jawbone needs to be healthy to fully heal from the surgery, as well as be strong and thick enough so that it can strongly fuse to a titanium dental implant root. This root serves as the base for the dental implant porcelain tooth, and needs to be able to strongly and completely fuse to the jawbone in order to serve as a solid base for the porcelain dental implant crown. If our best dentist in Valley Stream determines that your jawbone needs to be strengthened, it is most likely that we can provide you with a bone grafting procedure. When a tooth is lost, the area of the jawbone that is associated with the missing tooth begins to atrophy.

If the missing tooth or teeth are not replaced by a dental implant in a timely fashion, you will most likely need to have a bone grafting procedure performed. This can be easily done at our dental implant practice; after the procedure has completed and your jawbone has fully healed, you will most likely be a great candidate to get dental implants. The bone grafting procedure will help your jawbone to grow more bone so that your new dental implants will be fully functional and secure.

For an appointment to see our best dentist in Valley Stream for a bone grafting procedure, or to get dental implants, or both, contact us today.


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