Astoria Implants

Astoria Implants

Implants in Astoria

Do you have missing teeth that need to be replaced? If so, you may have heard about mini implants and traditional dental implants. Both of these treatments are used to help patients have them missing teeth restored. Depending on your individual dental situation, as well as personal preferences, you may choose to have one procedure performed over another. If you would like to speak to one of our dentists regarding Astoria implants, simply contact our office for a consultation.Implants in Astoria

At our Contemporary Dental Implant Centre we have many expert dentists on staff who specialize in dental implantology. Our implant dentists are: Dr. Dale D. Goldschlag; Dr. Barry Hertzl Habib; Dr. Barry Moretzky; Dr. Jean Paul Miranda; Dr. Mine Turhan; Dr. Mishel Eshaghianpour; Dr. Peter Muntean; and Dr. Sidney Hiller. In order to receive dental implants our dentist will first need to evaluate you jawbone to make sure it is healthy enough to hold traditional dental implants. This is not a problem for most people. However, we do have many patients who are not able to have the surgery for traditional dental implants. This may be due to the fact that their jawbone is not strong or thick enough, or it may not be desirable that they have dental surgery for another reason. In these cases we are happy to be able to offer our patients the alternative of getting mini Astoria implants. These mini implants are much easier to insert into the jawbone, and traditional dental surgery is not needed. Once traditional dental implants are placed there is generally a healing process that takes from 4 to 6 months. There is not this type of healing time frame with mini dental implants. This is in part due to the fact that mini dental implants are much thinner than traditional dental implants.

Mini Astoria implants are often used to hold lower dentures in place. Patients greatly benefit from this for several reasons. The mini dental implants are able to make dentures much more secure. This means that the dentures will no longer slip or cause embarrassment for the denture wearer. Mini dental implants are also generally much less costly than getting regular dental implants. This is due to the fact that much less surgical intervention is needed, and the entire procedure is much shorter. In fact, many people are able to use their mini dental implants for anchoring dentures right away. To meet with one of our implant dentists and see which procedure will work best for you, contact us today for a consultation.


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