Astoria Dental Implant

Astoria Dental Implant

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You may already be familiar with dental implants and all of the advantages that they have over more traditional restorations such as dentures and bridges. So if you’re wondering what could possibly be even better than our Astoria dental implants, the answer is immediate dental implants, done the same day. No waiting.


Astoria Dental Implants

You see, the way that typical dental implants work is that the post, made of titanium, is surgically placed in your jaw. Several months are then spent as your jaw bone grows around the post, fusing with it. Only then is a tooth-colored crown cemented onto the top of the post, giving you a completed implant. And certainly, it is worth the wait. Unlike a bridge, which requires that the tooth on either side of it be drilled down and then capped to anchor it securely, our Astoria dental implants do not affect any of your other teeth. Dentures are held in at the gum line with adhesive, but that can be both messy and less than 100% reliable. Dentures might slide around when you try to eat or when you speak, making you feel self-conscious. That is not an issue with dental implants, which use no adhesive and are totally stable, just like a natural tooth.

Our Astoria dental implants replace not only the tooth on the surface, but the root underneath. This preserves your natural facial contours and prevents bone tissue from atrophying. You can floss between them and your other teeth. With proper care, there is no reason to expect that they won’t last a lifetime. It’s a tooth that feels, looks, and functions like your original tooth did. Of course, the implant won’t decay, form cavities, need root canal, or an extraction. Just added benefit for you.

With immediate dental implants, our experts at Contemporary Dental Implant Centre can put in the post at the same time that your old tooth is removed, saving valuable time and making things much simpler and easier for you. And with your new tooth put on top and cemented on the same day, you can walk in needing an extraction, and walk out with a completely new dental implant. Call us today and arrange a consultation to find out if our Astoria dental implants are for you.


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